Monday, January 27, 2003

Victorious at last!

Perhaps it is inevitable in the course of human events that everyone who plays Risk will, at some point, win. Having gotten that bit of humility out of the way...


Okay, okay, I'm not that pumped up, but it was a pretty good feeling to watch my armies march to victory over my opponents Saturday at our quarterly Game Day. It was, as you may have guessed, the first time I have won a game of Risk. It was a fun and new feeling just to be in the game and not watching from the sidelines as the game progressed. When it came down to the endgame, however, it was awesome! All who stood in my way scattered before the gathered might of my military hordes, and my iron fist smashed their strongholds to dust!

For those of you who missed it, be glad you were spared the carnage! Prepare yourselves well for our next outing, however, as my campaign continues to build steam! Do not misunderestimate me!

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Picture is worth a thousand… hours?

I realize I have not added any entries to this site in almost a month. Without making any lame excuses, I will say I have finally started the process of uploading Christmas photos! While I still have a bunch of repeats to comb through and weed out (courtesy of the two other digital cameras present on Christmas Day), there are a few dozen ready to be viewed on Ofoto. I will try to get the rest up soon.

Amy and I have had a great start of the year, considering the wildly fluctuating weather we've had. We've enjoyed watching it snow while sitting by a fire, we've enjoyed rollerblading in the park with our dogs in short sleeves, and everything in between, usually within a few days of each other! One Saturday we even flew to Ardmore, OK, for a quick hamburger and excuse to get up in the air. We've been doing so much, in fact, I haven't stopped to write anything down here!

In the meantime, I have been working off and on (more of the former than the latter) on setting up a new server so I can retire the eight year old computer currently hosting this site. In fact, if you are viewing this at present, it is more than likely on the new(er) box. Please forgive any glitches while I experiment with the latest version of Apache and try to iron out the bugs (I'm probably not the only one to notice some slow response times...).

At any rate, we hope you all continue to have patience with us as we work to get our Christmas photos online and get back into a routine of "blogging".