Friday, June 20, 2003

Whole lotta bloggin’ going on!

This week I have been playing with several features of the software I use to maintain and publish this site. In so doing, I have been looking around to see how other people are using the software. Frankly, I'm amazed by the number of people out there and the many different types of sites they have created.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Rice on a Roll

As mentioned in Greg's Place: Let's go Rice, "The Boys from The Institue" (as they used to say) continue to sweep through the College World Series. Just wanted to take a moment to recognize this wonderful event, and note that we beat UT for a second time, and are on to the finals!

Test Trackback

Well, today I've decided to play with a feature in MovableType called TrackBack. It is a way of continuing a conversation or discussion thread between multiple blogs.

For example...

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Alright, alright already … back off, man, I’m a scientist.

So, I'm being railroaded into doing something on this blog that is, really, quite nice without me. Doesn't surprise me, actually - I spent years as a child being teased and poked into doing things by my brothers. Given that Rollin is just another pea in the pod like them, I'll submit as a godly wife and put something so funny you'll be dying for more ... and then I'll leave you hanging ... HA HA HA! I'll have you just where I want you - and I won't even have to type.

'Course, you know, with my medical expertise and fantastic tricks with the scalpel, now I'M the one who has some clout to tease and poke and railroad ...

Honestly - I love Rollin's entries - it brings out a whole new side of him I'm enjoying getting to know. I knew he was cool - now he's WAY, ultra, superfine cool.

A word from Amy?

This Saturday, Amy and I spoke with someone in our church who had happened upon this site. They were telling us how much they enjoyed reading some of the entries, but questioned why I do all the talking/blogging, instead of sharing the podium with my wife. Of course, the answer is that if I let Amy write anything, my entries will pale in comparison, but I couldn't say that...

No really, I thought it was an excellent question. I gave Amy a meaningful look and said something along the lines of "Hey, that's a GREAT idea!" For the record, Amy has the ability to post to this site, though I'm sure a refresher course is in order. I will sit down and give her said refresher, but I thought Amy would appreciate some feedback from any visitors to this site that would like to hear from her, as encouragement to take the plunge and do the "Breden-blog" (It's all the rage!)

If you are among the many who would like to see Amy get involved in this site, please leave a comment below with some encouraging words, and I'll make sure she has every opportunity to make her opinions known here!

Search capability

As a side note for anyone who is interested (besides me!), you can now search the entries on this site using a new feature which can be found here, thanks to the developers of MovableType. If you like it, let me know. If you have problems with it, please let me know that too.

Monday, June 9, 2003

More Weekend Activities

So I already mentioned the 5k run Amy did Saturday morning. (Did I mention that Amy did a REALLY great job?)

We also went to hang out (for me that translated to taking a nap) at the Pecks' house with Josie so Josh and Beth could play with her. Josie soaked up the attention and Josh and Beth took turns holding her leash and "walking" her around the fenced in porch. When both sides were tuckered out, we took this shot.

Emma_cake.jpgSunday, after church, we went to my sister's house for our neice's 5th birthday party. Much fun was had by all, and the kiddos swam and played games like there was no tomorrow. You probably can't tell from this picture, but Anna did a stupendous job decorating their backyard in a mermaid/seafaring motif with Hawaiian music in the background.

Well_wishers.jpgWhen we got home from that, I collapsed and watched the dogs play. Amy took this shot of all three dogs trying to coax me back to health! At last check, it had not fully succeeded, but they are tireless in their efforts to get me well!

Saturday, June 7, 2003

Our first 5k with a twist

Amy_runner.jpgThis morning over 750 runners gathered to participate in the Run the Ranch 5k, held on the Circle T Ranch in Westlake. My employer was one of the sponsors, and since Amy has been running quite a bit in the last 9 months or so, I started running with her and we decided to join in the fun. Unfortunately, I came down with a bug a few days ago and was not able to run, but I did go to cheer on my wife.

sleeper.jpgAs I was not going to run anyway, we decided to take Josie, a three month old Boxer puppy we are taking care of this week for some friends who are in Colorado. Josie was a hit with all of the spectators, and we enjoyed seeing all the runners put in quite an effort. Amy made a very strong showing and finished all 3.1 miles in 29 minutes, which is noticeably faster than she runs when working out. (Also markedly faster than she would have run if she were running with her husband if he were well!) Both Amy and Josie were exhausted by the full morning, as you can see.

Kudos to Amy and all the folks who ran today. We'll be back next year to try to run it together!