Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mix it up!

For those looking for Sydney updates, I have only this to offer...


Monday, April 18, 2005

Iron Pope?

Iron_Pope.jpgAm I the only one who thinks it would be a really good idea to elect the next Pope using a competition similar to that on the Iron Chef cooking show? Imagine if you will...

Papal candidates have one hour in which to prepare and deliver a Mass, counsel a member of the flock in distress, and make some vital diplomatic decisions on behalf of the Vatican (like declaring war on Italy or something). Topics of the Mass, counseling, and diplomacy will be revealed at the beginning of the 60 minutes. In the tradition of Iron Chef, four judges will be chosen who look good on screen but have nothing to do with Catholicism (well, okay, maybe one can be a religion critic, if they have such a thing) and will decide who did the best job and managed not to have a heart attack. Points will be awarded based on doctrine, handling of the issues, and their appearance as they race to and fro wearing a huge hat (also called a mitre). WHOSE FAITH WINS THE RACE?!?

Then, they could televise it and make a fortune on the merchandising, to say nothing of bloopers! The possibilities are endless...

Chairman Kaga, as he is called on the show, is already dressed for the part, as you can see to the right. All I added was the hat! Hey, I wonder if he's Catholic...

Gotta go call the Vatican and CBS! Alle Communion!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Photos from Sydney’s Birthday Party

For those waiting, here is a link to the photos from Sydney's first birthday. There are 50 photos, and I may add more as people email me pictures that they have from the party. In particular, if anyone has pictures of all three of us (Amy, Sydney, and me) we would love to see them. It is understandably difficult to take those...

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Photo album on Shutterfly

Well, our Sydney is 1! Diane, Rollin's step-mom, created and hosted a fantastic birthday party for her, and she seems to still be tired from all the socializing at the party. If we haven't mentioned this before, let me clarify - our Sydney is a real social butterfly. I think the other families in our travel group would agree - she just thrives on people and activity and applause :) We regret not video taping the "Happy Birthday" song and her reaction to the clapping ... she was on an emotional high that just came out as squeals. With that incredibly cute face that you just want to eat, our Sydney is a charmer.

A big milestone for Miss I-don't-like-being-prone: yesterday she crawled for the first time, and today she was on the move. We are so proud of her and the hurdles of insecuity and worry that she is crossing. The things she disliked at Gotcha Day - being on her belly, baths, strollers, high chairs, and diaper changes - are distant memories. Even the naps that she tried to get out of by screaming are now fairly restful and approach restorative sleep. I really think being put in the crib when she was not completely exhausted was the last major adjustment issue for Sydney - she was just plain mad at missing out on the fun we must be having without her. What a treat now for me to see her more rested and relaxed when she gets up.

I was commenting to my mom today how grateful I am for the liberation I feel with Sydney adopted into our family - were she my biological child, I would be tempted to take credit in my mind for her gregarious, oh-so-pleasing personality. As my daughter now, she exhibits a heart that has been given to her by the Lord Himself, not of my doing, so that I may not boast. After her baptism last week, I pray that her salvation and her personality continue to be His work alone.

Enjoy the pictures at this link... we'll be taking so many more. :) This album includes many of the best photos from our trip to China and the weeks since. We uploaded them so we could order prints, and wanted to share them with everyone. Unfortunately, they don't include the birthday party yet, but we will be posting those separately in the next few days.

Sunday, April 3, 2005

Time for an update?

Well, it has been three weeks since we got home, and we have not posted any updates. One could gather from this that we are still trying to catch our breath and find a routine that leaves us some time to get things done during waking hours, but enough is enough. Somebody post already! Oh, I guess that means me...