Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A different kind of Spam…

I get a lot of spam. I know I'm not unique in this, but my point is that I have a system set up to filter it out so I don't have to look at 99% of the spam that comes in. Every once in a while, though, my system is unsure of whether or not something is spam, and I have to read it and categorize it. Most of these are unusual, but this one absolutely takes the cake. No more Nigerian bank scams, get rich quick schemes, or fix body part A schemes. No, my friends, my all time wackiest email had the title "How one can become a terrorist?" (punctuation included)

Read on for the text of this completely bizarre email, noting that I have removed all the contact/web site info for your safety, my safety, and so no one can accuse me of advertising for these wackos....

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Awesome Creation

Ok, I'm supposed to be too busy to post, but I saw something this morning that was so cool I just had to break my silence.

Our normal morning routine is that the dogs wait until our alarm goes off before proceeding to go bonkers, as they get let out and then are fed as soon as we wake up. (They wait for the alarm because failure to wait results in getting penned in the kitchen and a delayed breakfast...)

This morning, it was I who went to let them out. As Savannah has a habit of sprinting out and catching birds unaware at our bird feeders, I always check to see if anything is in range that may not be able to get away before she gets there. This morning, I saw a bird sitting in the grass, but something about it did not look normal. Then I realized I was staring at a bird of prey. I don't know enough to tell the difference between a hawk and a falcon, but my guess is that it was a hawk. It had just caught a dove (probably at or around our aforementioned bird feeders) and was enjoying its meal in our backyard. I was awe-struck at seeing such a fascinating animal in our backyard!

When I recoverd my wits, I went to get the camera and get Amy so she could see. Unfortunately the motion in the windows must have startled it, because when I got back, the only sign of it was this.

Thursday, September 16, 2004


If you couldn't tell by now, I am finding myself with no free time to do anything related to this site. If you get tired of looking at this as the latest message, feel free to email. If you can help with my Analysis of Algorithms homework, I might be able to free up some time to post something....