Friday, August 30, 2002

Libertarian Heresy?

Here's an interesting commentary by Stephen Carson on, wherein Mr. Carson discusses the harmony of Libertarian and Christian worldviews. I'm still working on my response, but thought I would post it to see what others think.


Bill Peck said...

I have read this and encourage all of us to do so.

tODD said...

I want to know your thoughts, Rollin. Don't think you can get away without posting them.

I started to write a long screed about the whole article (as is my wont), but I tossed it, as it was far too emotional. I'd rather see what your points are to focus what my response might be.

I also think that your comments pop-up window should be resizable so I can see the whole page at once.

Rollin said...

Todd, both good comments. Look for a new post soon on my thoughts.

I'll work on the window sizing too. One solution is going to the permanent archive page to see the original archive as well as all comments, but of course that's just a temporary suggestion until I can change the comment window.

Thanks for your feedback!

Rollin said...

Well, gee, that was easy. Comment windows should now be resizable!