Sunday, September 15, 2002

Visit with the Poffenbergers

Amy and I have just returned (car's not even cold yet) from a trip to Houston where we stayed with our good friends, the Poffenbergers.

In addition to a great weekend with dear friends, we also learned a few things about Houston, and about life in general.

For example, the point was once again driven home that, no matter what you do in life, no matter how great, rich, or just bizarre, everyone shares the same earthly fate. And yes, that is actually the Howard Hughes! Interesting to note that Howard Hughes enrolled at Rice Institute (now Rice University), but dropped out after his father died a few weeks later.

In addition, somehow I escaped four years of school in Houston without hearing about or seeing this little gem. It is called the Beer Can House, and is actually clad entirely in beer cans, beer bottles, and other little ditties crafted from containers of that fine adult beverage! Of course, in the same neighborhood we ran across this Open Air House as it is called, for obvious reasons. We're told it has no electricity, and obviously A/C would be out of the question. It begs the questions "Why?", but we decided some things are best left alone.

Of course, a description of our trip would be incomplete without mention of the trip to the Ikea theme park... er... store. What an experience!

In summary, we had a great time doing not-so-ordinary things with extraordinary people. Mike, MV, Leah, Bryant, and Pete, thank you for a wonderful weekend!


Poffs in Paradise said...

We really enjoyed our weekend with the Bredenbergs and were glad they could see some of the more famous sites in Houston (or in all of Texas for that matter). I think they would have stayed longer but MV's superior skills playing 42 (dominos) caused Amy and Rollin to pack up and leave. Or maybe it was the moldy cheese...hmmm.

Thanks also for the Parcheesi game - this will give us a chance to meet some of our Indian neighbors to find out the intrigue of this fascinating board.

Let me say that we miss all of our good friends in Flower Mound. You are welcome anytime in Houston - we have a spare bedroom and guest bathroom (complete with plunger for the low flow toilets) - as Amy and Rollin can attest.


The Poffs!

Rollin said...

Mike, thanks for the correction, I've updated the entry. Don't know how I overlooked that...