Monday, November 25, 2002

It seemed like a good idea…

I usually have no sympathy for people who fall for scams and tricks which open themselves up for things like identity theft. This story, however, makes me cringe. It is just plausible enough to snag the unsuspecting at their weakest moment. I hope most people would not send this kind of information to anyone without meeting face to face or at least calling the company to verify the recipient, but when was the last time you refused to answer questions from someone you thought was about to hire you?

I had to submit to a thorough background check before starting with my current employer, but I delivered the information to a live person officed in a building that was unmistakably owned by my (then) future employer. But, I shudder to think that, in a position like the one in which this man found himself, the line between safety and agonizing mistake could be mighty hard to walk.