Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Blog more!

As a friend of mine said recently, "...get to work! Blog more!"

Some people go for the QUANTITY aspect of blogging, while others go for QUALITY. I myself fall into neither camp, and prefer sporadic, meaningless entries, but that's beside the point. I'm going to BLOG MORE!

So, can I tell you about how I spent my Saturday morning setting up a CUPS server on my Linux box so I can print to either of my printers from any of our computers, especially my work laptop, without having to transfer files over? Or, how about getting the latest issue of Linux Journal which, by the way, is focused this month on blogging and other online fora. I would link to the specific story that talks about setting up a blog and mentions MovableType, but you have to be a subscriber to get to that part of their website, so it wouldn't do much good. I do recommend perusing a copy if you find yourself in the presence of a news stand or bookstore, though.

I could also detail how I've been spending time on another web-related project, but it is top secret until we can announce it publicly, so I'd better not. Granted, I had hoped to have the site up and live long ago, but there's only so much progress you can make when you're working in spare time.

In other news, I'm finally taking my last undergraduate class at UNT that is required prior to starting the Masters program. I'm supposed to meet with an advisor this week and discuss the options. I have to admit that taking one class at a time really makes this a long haul, but with the encouragement of my wife, I am staying on target so far.

I suppose I should stop now, or I'll run out of things to talk about, and I need to be able to post again soon, lest I be chided again for not blogging more!

Things to look for next time:

  • an update on how our dogs are healing after getting into a fracas over a bone
  • pictures of my wife's office (finally), and
  • a discussion of the complexity involved in determining the boiling point of a duck!