Friday, March 5, 2004

Getting closer to having seen EVERYTHING!

When I was in college, I spent countless hours playing a game on my Mac (gasp!) called Spaceward Ho! A simple game of galactic domination, it was one of the first network games available that could be played with other people on our AppleTalk network, thus exponentially increasing the amount of time wasted spent!

Today, roughly ten years later, as I was reading about the Wine project, which aims to provide the ability to run Windows applications on non-Windows OS's, I ran across the website of Spaceward Ho! As I was recalling the funny soundbites and rapt attention with which I was glued to my Mac LCII, I noticed something I could hardly believe. I clicked on the link and, sure enough, Spaceward Ho! is now available for the Palm OS! Once again, I can waste spend countless hours defeating imaginary foes for a galaxy that doesn't exist, only now I can do it on a screen the size a cracker! Suddenly I'm looking forward to the next impossibly long meeting at work....