Friday, June 11, 2004

Victory at last!

I am pleased to announce that logic has prevailed, and we will NOT be flying in a redundant circle in Alaska!

On a final note on this topic, I put this list together last night when again banging my head against the phone dealing with American and Alaska Airlines...

You know you have spent too much time on the phone with the airline when:
(see previous two entries for back story...)

  • You call American Airlines and mention your record locator to the phone rep and they immediately know who you are.

  • Each new rep that answers the phone takes 5 minutes to read the history of your case before being able to answer your questions.

  • Every single person at American Airlines sides with you, but Alaska Airlines just keeps telling you there's no other way to get you to Seattle.

  • You are gathering supplies to put together a sandwich board sign so that everyone in the airport will know just how ridiculous the situation is.

  • The thought of your vacation in Alaska raises your blood pressure and pulse to dangerous levels.