Thursday, July 29, 2004


If you use Outlook for mail, and have a large body of saved or archived messages, you probably know the pain of having to search them using Outlook's search problem, er, feature. I certainly do, and I have found what seems to be the greatest thing since the ability to synchronize Outlook with my PDA!

You ask "What is it?" Lookout!

No, that's not a lead-in, that's the answer! Lookout!

I downloaded this yesterday (thanks to Joel's entry on the subject) and already I love it! A search through years of old email takes less time than it takes me to blink and realize it's done. For those who regularly search Outlook, you'll know this is orders of magnitude better than the built-in search capabilities of Outlook. Not surprisingly, Microsoft purchased Lookout recently, but you can still download the software. I try not to be too pessimistic about Microsoft's business practices, but I would recommend downloading it soon, before it disappears or ceases to be a free download...