Sunday, April 3, 2005

Time for an update?

Well, it has been three weeks since we got home, and we have not posted any updates. One could gather from this that we are still trying to catch our breath and find a routine that leaves us some time to get things done during waking hours, but enough is enough. Somebody post already! Oh, I guess that means me...

Time is flying by! Here goes a summary of the last three weeks...

Sydney is a blast! She has had an endless stream of visitors and well-wishers and, as you can tell, she is quite photogenic.


From the day we got home she has been making strides and adjustments and is really starting to get the hang of this one-year-old thing. That's right! She turns one on Tuesday! Yikes! She is particularly pleased to be feeding herself, and you are guaranteed a squeal of delight when you help her stand up and walk. Honestly, except for battling naps, she is a dream.


Things that were so unpleasant at first have become easy and natural. She loves her highchair, and the same goes for the stroller, the car seat, baths, the dogs, and our family as a whole. Given the right toys, even tummy-time can be pleasurable, and that is saying a lot given where we started! She is probably two months from walking and, if she had her way, even farther from crawling. She does not realize that she can in fact use her arms and legs to get around when she is on the ground, but given her love of life, we'll be in trouble when she catches on.


Today marks a significant day in our lives, as Sydney Grace was baptized into our covenant family this morning at church. Our interim pastor, Paul Settle, graciously ministered to us by performing this sacrament, and we teared up during his comments and prayers for Sydney. As he so eloquently prayed, we also pray that Sydney will grow up not remembering a day when she has not trusted Christ as her savior. Below is a picture of us with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunties Kari and Beth, and Uncle Josh.


Tonight also marked a first, as Mom and Dad tried to coax Sydney into smiling a few dozen times for the camera. Our goal was a nice steady smile, and she chose to give us a combination of squeals and tears. I think we caught a few decent frames in the course of running the camera battery down. We have a new appreciation for those photographers who can capture the attention of kids and get them to smile. I won't be quitting my day job!



Amanda said...

We're so sorry that we missed her baptism. We've all caught colds and just did not feel good this morning. :(

Liz Joe said...

Thank you so much for the update. I've been yearning for more news and pictures. Can hardly wait to see y'all again.

Rosemary Raley said...

What a great update! You are doing a fine job of capturing her beautiful smile and spirit (and, I might add, an even finer job of loving her well so those smiles come easily)!
The baptism this morning was so special. I know that she has a long way to go in coming to a saving knowledge of the Lord, but certainly Sydney was reflecting God's glory this morning with her sweet voice and delight(in the same way that we all creation glorifies Him).
Thanks for taking the time to post and for the pictures!
Love, Mom/Grandma R.

Mona said...

Thanks for the great update! I haven't forgotten your invitation, Amy, and I promise to call soon and come over for a visit. What a special blessing to have had Paul Settle baptize Sydney! I'm sure that experience is something your family will treasure always. Rollin, don't sell yourself short in the photography department -- your pictures truly capture the essence of Sydney and are a delight, just as she is. The joy in your home is evident. Praise God for His grace in honoring you with this special child.

Aunt Ginger said...

Happy First Birthday, Sydney!

Carla said...

Thank you so much for the updates and adorable pictures. I know things must seem a little wild right now, but soon they will settle down, that you can be sure of. Sydney is so precious and I know everyone is so pleased for you both and just delighted to have her in our family. Keep up the good work!

Love to each of you,
Carla Raley