Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Free iPod? Can it be?

Want a free iPod?

No, this is not a pop-under ad touting a too-good-to-be-true-free-iPod-scam, and yes, I was extremely skeptical myself until I did some research.

This is actually a legitimate ad program being run for a number of reputable companies such as Citibank, Blockbuster, AOL, and others. The company, FreePay, gets paid for referrals to the services of their clients, and they pass that on in the form of an iPod for those who enlist a few of their friends to sign up. It has actually been discussed in various publications including Wired Magazine, Geek.com, and Engadget.

What is involved, you ask? You have to sign up with FreePay with an email address and mailing address (so they can ship the iPod) and then, via their site, sign up for the services of one of their partners. FreePay does not request any credit card or other sensitive information, though the services like Citibank and Blockbuster do when you open your account. The available offers include free trials to credit monitoring services with Citibank, AOL's MusicNow, Blockbuster's online movie rental program, and many others. Some have delivery costs and some are magazine subscriptions, but a number of them have free trials with no up-front costs and can be cancelled if you don't want to pay for the service once you have tried it. Once you are set up with FreePay, you have to get five referrals to get your own iPod.

So, feel like spending 15 minutes of your time to help me get an iPod? Feel like spending a little more to explain the program to your friends so you can get an iPod? Just click on the links to FreePay and get started!