Wednesday, March 1, 2006

First anniversary of Gotcha Day

As hard as it seems to believe, it has been one year since we first saw and held Sydney in Nanchang!

What a year it has been! I can't put into words all that has transpired and all the changes that have taken place. We have written here about some of it, but of course there is so much more we have not written. It has been a joy and a delight to see Sydney blossom and grow. Perhaps my favorite development has been seeing her learn to snuggle and give us hugs and kisses and call us Mommy and Daddy.

Thanks to everyone who has shared in the journey and supported us in every way. Here's to many more wonderful years and celebrations of Gotcha Day!

A few photos to mark the year. The referral photo of her at six month that we got in January of 2005, a photo of her taken on Gotcha Day, and a photo taken today at the park:

Sydney Grace at 6 months

Checking out Daddy



Carla said...

Hi Rollin and Amy! It's so good do catch up on what's been going on. Sydney is so adorable and I know she is a blessing to y'all! Congratulations on the upcoming addition. Keep in touch!


Minh said...

All I can say is that you two better start looking for a big stick now, because you're going to have to beat all the boys away.