Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Blame it on Adam

Cover Art I'd like to take a moment to announce and recommend a newly published book written by a friend of mine. Blame It On Adam (amazon.com) written by my friend, Mitchell Fix, came out earlier this month and is available through several online booksellers, including Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

I have yet to get an official copy of the book, but I had the chance to read it before it was published and I look forward to reading it again. It is a fictional work set in the very real fallen world of terrorism and nuclear weapons. It centers on twin brothers separated at birth (no, it wasn't a mix-up at the hospital...) who go their separate ways but end up in the middle of the conflict together. I recommend it for fans of the Tom-Clancy-Dale-Brown-esque genre (techno-thriller?) like yours truly.

Congratulations Mitchell!