Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Gotcha Day Photos

Hey, I was supposed to post some photos of Sydney from Gotcha Day last week! Where does the time go?

We had a great day on Gotcha Day, between having lunch as a family at Pei Wei and the fingerpainting and other general silliness we came up with in the evening after I got home! But the photos will tell the story better than I can:

A quick note on the noodles - Sydney LOVES eating noodles. She will do so with her hands or, if you insist, a fork and spoon. If she sees a pair of chopsticks anywhere around her, though, she will ask for a set for herself regardless of the difficulty in using them. We bought her a nice kid-friendly set of plastic chopsticks (well, it's all one piece, so do you still call it chopsticks, or a chopstick?) and she was relishing the ability to feed herself!








Tricia said...

Such wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing. And Happy Gotcha Day to all of you!