Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just a few hours now...

It's now Noon in Chongqing, and we meet in the lobby at 3pm today to walk to the Registration office and receive our baby Kate!

It's getting really really real. 'Cause before it was just really real. And before that it was artificially real. But now it's the real deal!

Off to get lunch with the family next door, who are also adopting a child and are missionaries to Peru. Our next post will be post-Gotcha, and will (if we are able) include photos and first impressions of our little one! We filled out paperwork this morning that, surprisingly to us, included a more recent photo of Kate than any other we had received. The whole group just melted when we got to that page and all saw photos of our little ones. It's still hard to visualize what she will look like in person, but we'll know in just a few hours.

Stay tuned!