Monday, March 1, 2010

Celebrating Sydney's Gotcha day

Believe it or not, it was five years ago today that we adopted Sydney! It has been a blast, so far, and God has blessed us more richly than I would have thought possible.

We've celebrated the anniversary every year since then (more regularly than we've written about it here), with various friends and family joining us here and there. Sydney was well aware of it this time around, and came out of her room this morning carrying her photo albums and ready to share them with everyone!

Our traditions include watching the video of our trip to China and giving her a gift that we brought back with us from China on that trip (yes, Amy has that much forethought...). Tonight we'll be having dinner with family and sharing memories of the last five years. I'll post photos tomorrow, hopefully.


Christy said...


I clearly remember the joy and excitement on your parents face on Gotcha (in fact, we watch them on our video too). Just as you were then, you are now a beautiful little girl with a great laugh and zest for life, and so smart too!!

All our love and Happy Gotcha Day little honey.

The Schraeders if you want to write Mia :).

Colored With Memories said...

a wonderful day! we enjoyed celebrating it with you guys last year! post today...did a baby arrive?!?