Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kate's Day in Court

For those of you who thought that the adoption process was all over and done with for Kate, there was actually one last step...

While we should have done this last year, having a houseful of small children made it more difficult than with Sydney, and we just dragged our feet. Wednesday, though, we finally went to the Denton County Courts with Kate (while the other three stayed with my mom) and had her adoption officially "recognized" by the state of Texas. Some families do a "readoption" in their state of residence, but Texas only requires a "recognition" of the valid adoption that was finalized in China. This allows us to, among other things, file a birth certificate for Kate in Texas so that we can get copies down the road. The certificate will say that she was born in China, but will be on file in Texas rather than having to use a translated copy from China.

We've actually been to the Denton County Courts three times now. We made two trips with Sydney, and this one with Kate. All three differed greatly, despite the fact that we were attempting the same action all three times...

Our first visit, shortly after we adopted Sydney, was unsuccessful, as the judge presiding that morning was filling in for the regular judge, and was not familiar enough with the process to feel comfortable completing it without more documentation than we had provided and had been told (by other adopting families) was needed.

Our second trip was a few weeks later, when the "regular" judge was back on the bench, and the process was over in 10 minutes. We probably answered a few questions, provided our paperwork, and were in and out quickly after filing the resulting court order and paying the fees to file a birth certificate.

Our third trip took us before yet a third judge who was either less familiar with the process or just more formal in general. After filing our request with a county clerk who clearly had no ability to deal with people who don't know the jots and tittles of the legal profession, we took our file to the court bailiff and awaited our turn. His Honor swore us in, asked us to identify ourselves for the record, and then asked us to proceed. Um... proceed with what, you might ask? I wasn't sure myself. He clearly expected us to present something, though, so after a few moments of awkwardness I started to describe the timing and circumstances around our adoption of Kate. His Honor interrupted a few times to make sure the record reflected who was speaking, etc (as the court reporter dutifully transcribed everything), and after asking a few questions about the information we had submitted, our backgrounds, etc, he made everything very official by declaring it in the best interests of the child and the state to... well, I don't remember how he said it, but it was done. He signed our papers, at which point we went back to the county clerk to be chastised yet again for not dotting some "i" or crossing a "t". Finally, it was all done, though, and we paid up and left. It says in the fine print (I'm sure the county clerk could quote chapter and verse) that we will get a birth certificate for Kate in the next few weeks, at which point we will be done with paperwork the formalities.

Oh, as a teaser, my next post will be a collection of photos of Kate "accessorizing". That little girl loves shoes with a passion, and we've started trying to snap photos of her when we see her clunking around in shoes belonging to everyone else in the family...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Update on the last two months

I. Have. Four. Kids.

What? I have a blog too? Pssh, like that gets to factor into things...

What have we been up to since I last posted on April 22nd with a promise to post some photos? A lot... See for yourselves...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Killer iPhone app?

Now, before you start - Yes, I know I need to post some photos of the kids! Ethan is approaching 7 weeks old, and we have lots of great pictures, but have not taken the time to post any. Insert apologies and begging of forgiveness here. It will be remedied soon...

In the meantime, yesterday I found what could possibly be the killer app for my iPhone, which I have had for a month now, and think is a pretty great gadget! I'm not trying to make a sales pitch for this app yet, because I have only used it once and there were mitigating factors, but the concept is awesome.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ethan's Birth Announcement

Click to play this Smilebox photobook: Ethan

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ethan's Second Week

Well, this week has seen a lot of progress toward getting our heads above water, thanks in very large part to my mom who has stayed with us most of the time since Ethan's birth and helped out in every way, and thanks in another large part to our church family which has generously provided us with a number of meals. At the same time, our photos have largely been the same as last week, cataloging Ethan and his siblings as we try to spend as much time relaxing and playing as possible, while building a routine that we can manage once I go back to work on Monday.

Rather than include all the photos here, I've put them in a Picasa Web Album. Hope you enjoy!

(Ok, one teaser, just to show you what you're missing if you don't click the link...)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ethan's First Week

So, for those dying to know, here's our week in pictures:

Ethan has been doing lots and lots of this:

, though he seems to be the only one. Meanwhile, we have taken the opportunity to do lots of this:

and this:

and this:

and of course trying to capture it all by doing this:

The high point for Sydney and Peter was today, though, when, in an effort to get out of the house, we visited the newly completed fire station down the street and did this:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Frii as in Biir

I woke up this morning and went to check on the kids so Amy could keep sleeping. I found them in the playroom (a small-ish second family room between their rooms) playing together. At first I didn't think anything of the fact that Peter and Sydney were sitting on the stairs next to each other while Kate watched. Or the fact that each was holding a Lincoln Log in one hand and a plastic hoop (from some other game) in the other. It was not until a few minutes later, after I had dispersed them to their rooms to start gathering clothes, etc, that I picked up on what they were saying and realized what game they had been playing.

They were playing Wii.

And no, we don't have one. But friends of ours do, and that's enough to set their imaginations in motion now, isn't it?