Tuesday, October 1, 2002

Dumb and Dumber

Here's a rather amusing story from my alma mater. Apparently this guy put together a valid ID and pretended to be a Rice student for a number of weeks. He even went out for the track team! Only when he applied for an email account was he discovered.

Now, I remember being a college student, and I especially remember the appeal of free meals. Most of the attraction of the free meals, though, was the chance to eat somewhere other than the cafeterias at Rice. This guy, however, is now wanted for the theft of all the cafeteria meals for which he didn't pay. If they catch him, they should not only charge him with theft, but reckless endangerment (of himslef) for eating CK (Central Kitchen). I'm sure anyone who was subjected to the emanations of Rice's CK will agree that he deserves a Darwin award!