Monday, October 7, 2002


I discovered something new and exciting today at a friend's site, and immediately decided to take advantage of it! If you look to the left (or right, if you've already switched), you'll see a "Choose your Style" area of the menu. This allows you to change the style sheet used to view this site. I knew my first order of business had to be compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, so I have provided a style sheet tailored to left-handed people. :-)

The Java Script used to provide this capability will place a cookie on your computer, so as you move from page to page, your choice will stay with you until you opt for a different style. If you have Java Scripts or cookies turned off in your browser (or blocked by a utility such as Naviscope), you may run into problems...

For more information on this capability, you can go to A List Apart, or this Tip of the Day site, for lack of a better title.

Look for more Stylin' experiments soon!


tODD said...

Hmm... the left-handed one isn't working for me in Mozilla 1.1/Win98. But then, I just got back from two weeks in Italy, so I'm not sure about much of anything right now. Just thought I'd let you know, though.