Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Boy Meets Sidewalk

I have a great wife.

She bought me a mountain bike for my birthday.

I picked it up Monday after work.

I then proceeded to ride it.

I rode quite quickly.

Then I needed to stop to avoid hitting something, so I squeezed the brakes.

I squeezed the brakes quite firmly.

The bike stopped.

I did not.

At least not until the sidewalk made me.

Actually it was a combination of the sidewalk and my chin.

They both receive credit.

I received six stitches, lovingly delivered by my wife, also known as Dr. Bredenberg.

I have a great wife.


Tricia said...

I hope you recover from your injuries soon!! And go on to conquer new realms in the world of mountain-biking!

Rollin said...

Thanks Tricia! As a follow up, I've gone out a number of times since that unfortunate adventure and proven to myself that I can ride without being thrown. I'm still waiting for the scar to fade and the lump on my chin to shrink further, but I did recover the full use of my jaw after about 10 days. My dentist took X-rays and assured me no teeth were cracked, either!