Tuesday, March 18, 2003


For those of you who don't know, Monday was my birthday. My sneaky (but altogether lovely) wife, Amy, planned a surprise birthday party to help me usher in the new decade. She did a fantastic job, and kept me completely in the dark! I've never been the subject of a surprise party before, but this one will go down in the history books. There were about 35 friends and family members hiding in the living room at my parents' house when we arrived!

I must say, it was a great birthday in every way. Amy gets full credit for the best birthday party I've ever had! Another mark of the greatness of this birthday is that I have my work cut out for me to read all of the great books I was given (including Winston Churchill's "History of the English-Speaking People", which I've already started!)

I'll post some pictures soon, along with pictures from our weekend trip to a get-together of friends in Huntsville.