Wednesday, August 6, 2003


Today (if you can call the crack of dawn day) we took delivery of our biggest pet yet!

Amy with EowynI have not mentioned this on our site before, but we have been looking at horses for months (and months) to see if it was feasible to buy one. Our friends, Mark and Brenda, own some acreage about 15 minutes from our house and have several horses already. With their willingness to partner in a horse and board her in exchange for elbow grease, we decided we could buy a horse and keep it affordably.

Rollin with EowynAfter numerous visits to horses in the area and watching videos of horses not in the area, we settled on this particular horse. She finished her long trip from California this morning, and Amy was (of course) there to meet her. She is a 10 year-old mare with some jumping and showing experience and has foaled once before, so we may even decide to breed her at some point! She is 16 hands which, for the uninitiated (like me) means 64 inches to her withers, or the top of her front shoulder. She seems quite spirited and energetic.

Eowyn's new stallShe'll probably spend the next few days getting used to her new environs and barn-mates (the mare and colt whose pictures we posted a few weeks ago and a gelding whom Mark and Brenda's daughter rides in shows), but I hope to post some pictures of Amy riding her in the near future!

P.S. - Her name is taken from a female character in J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings".


Tricia said...

Hey Guys! Congrats on the newest addition to the Bredenberg dynasty! She looks like such fun and I hope the three of you have many good times together.

Michelle said...

She's beautiful!!! Can't believe she's really yours. Hey Amy, it was soo great to talk to you this afternoon. Hope you got a chance to ride this afternoon.