Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Live from my Treo!

It's been way too long since I put something new up here. It has been a strange month or so, but I won't detail all of that. I just wanted to take a minute to post an entry from my new phone/pda.

Why? Just because I can! (Even if it does take 10 times as long...)


Per Bredenberg said...

Dear friend (family?),

My name is Per Bredenberg and I happended to stumble onto your site whilst surfing for something else. It was great to see your webpage and exciting to find that we may be related somewhere in a distant past or maybe even closer than expected as our surname isn't the worlds most common one.

I am swedish but have lived abroad most of my life and am now living on the the spanish mediterranean coast of Costa Blanca in Campoamor, approx 40 kms south of Alicante. I have my own real estate firm and work with finding property for swedes and europeans alike who want to move down to Europe's best climate.

My family is spread out, I have 2 sisters, one living here in Spain and the other in Melbourne Australia. My mom lives in Gavle, Sweden, and Dad is also - like my sister - in Melbourne, Australia.

Well, it was nice writing a couple of lines to you and I hope to get some feedback from some Bredenbergs in the U.S.soon.

With warm regards