Monday, December 8, 2003

A funny thing happened…

You just never know how things will develop, do you? For example, when I started building this site, I was primarily wanting to learn HTML and other web-based technologies. Then I decided to get a domain and build a better site, just thinking it would be fun for family and friends to see news, photos, etc. At the time, a search for my name in Google brought up a bunch of news stories, press releases, and the like in which my father (who has the same name) was mentioned. (I did not appear in any.) Now, however, less than two years after went online, we show up as the number one listing in Google for either my name or my wife's name, and we're 10th (still on the first page of results!) when searching for just our last name!

Ignoring for a moment that this is not a common name, and not many people actually search Google for it, let alone intentionally, it is still rewarding!

This visibility has, in turn, led to a number of visitors browsing across the site, including friends of my father (some of whom (see 4th comment), not surprisingly, think this is his site) and potentially far-flung relations from Sweden (see the comment)!

And it all started so simply.

Oh, wait, it's still pretty simple...

At any rate, if you happen across this site, whether by mistake, search engine, or some other means, please leave me a comment!


Mark Bredenberg said...

Hello Rollin,
Do telemarketers also have trouble pronouncing your last name when they call you?
Before the internet, I thought my family were the only Bredenbergs around, except for some in Sweden.