Tuesday, December 30, 2003


Yes, the title could refer many things, but those in "the Know" will relate to the feeling Amy and I had this morning when we logged on to the website for managing the loans from Amy's medical school and saw that message (minus the exclamation marks). It was quite exhilarating! In fact, I feel a song coming on...


Kari said...

Break out the White Star! Congratulations, you two...that's really great news. And Rollin...try to sing under your breath?? *grin*

Minh said...

I just recently paid off my medical student loans. I had bought a house August '02 (my first), and when the interest rates went down further in Oct '03, I took out a bit of extra principal in a refinance and paid off my student loans. After a certain tax bracket, you can't deduct interest paid in student loans, but interest on houses is always tax deductible.

Not that I plan on having house payments forever. People who say, "I want to have house payments so I can take a deduction at the end of the year" have it backwards. You only get back at most $0.40 back for every dollar you pay on interest. So why not have that money to begin with and never pay interest at all?

Anyways, congrats on paying off the loans. One less thing to worry about.