Monday, October 25, 2004

Update from Kunming

I spoke with Amy briefly Sunday morning and again Sunday night. She was in Kunming, a city in the southern part of China, where they were going to help in a clinic for the day (Monday) before flying on to a more remote part of the country. As I type, it is almost midnight there, so they have already left Kunming for the next stop.

We were not able to talk long owing to the shared nature of the phone from which she was calling, but all is going well. They all arrived safely and enjoyed a relaxing Sunday in Kunming. Amy said everywhere she turns is a visual feast. She is taking as many pictures as she can given the fact that we forgot to send a couple of the smaller storage cards with her.

One thing to pray for is their ability to cope with the altitude. In Kunming, they were apparently at an elevation of 6500', and they will be going much higher to get to some of the smaller towns. They were walking as she was talking to me on the group cell-phone, and I could tell she was winded. This from someone who enjoys running 5k's! They are taking medicine to prevent altitude sickness, but I imagine everything will take more time and energy than they are used to. Our 600' elevation in Dallas seems downright subterranean by comparison!

Oh, and here's a more complete picture of Amy's travels from Friday to Saturday, which totaled 8694 mi, according to the Great Mapper site.