Monday, November 1, 2004

Sunday update

I spoke with Amy again Sunday morning (our time). While we were only able to talk for about 10 minutes, she said all was going well. They had been up in fairly mountainous country working in clinics in small towns, but had come back out of the mountains and were starting the journey back through the larger cities on the way out of China and back home. They will be getting to Kunming sometime Tuesday, I believe, and then travelling on to Beijing for a day or two before flying home on Friday.

She briefly told me about some bus troubles they had (think overheating engines, brake failures, and loss of lug nuts holding the wheels on) and experiences in a rural clinic with donkeys in the courtyard and cowbells in the distance. I am sure she will have a number of stories to share, and I am looking forward to seeing her photographs too. I will try to post at least a few here on this site.

Thank you for your prayers and concern for Amy as well as for me. Please continue to pray for energy as they see patients and safe travel as they begin their journey home. I will update this site if I talk to Amy again before Friday.