Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Things that should induce labor…

I'm sure everyone reading this who has either been pregnant or has been waiting for a little one to arrive in this world has been told a million and one things that can naturally induce labor. I know there is at least one website devoted to listing ideas for naturally inducing. Things like:

  • Brisk walks
  • Spicy foods

  • and yes, even
  • curb-walking

Obviously, whatever ideas Amy and I have tried so far have not made any progress towards triggering the labor of our little one. I've come up with a second list though, this one of things that I wish would induce labor:
  • Long naps (like I need an excuse!)
  • Ice Cream (mmmm...)
  • People calling to see if we have gone into labor yet (we've gotten enough of those to trigger labor for an entire hospital full of expecting mommies!)

Those are just a few of the things on my list, but I would really like to know what kinds of things our readers have either done to induce labor, or wish would induce labor, so comment away! Just remember to keep it family-friendly!


Lisa Houlihan said...

OK..LOL...as you know..pitocin works well at inducing labor, but I doubt you will like the outcome. If you go down to the herb store on mainstreet..it is a little east of the Home Educators Resource, and they can direct you to the appropriate herbs. I like St Christopher's Prenatal Tea. A midwife told me how much to take. You may have to ask the people there. Tell them how far past due you are and they have a person there who knows all about this stuff. If worse comes to worse, they will just call the midwife they know and check with her to be sure.

As far as all the people who call..direct them to your website and promise to update the moment the doctor confirms you are in labor. Most hospitals have internet access and if you are planning to have the baby at home..well, you have internet access. Good luck!

Lisa Houlihan said...

Another thing that works effectively...call your doctor (you just KNOW how much doctors like to hear from you 100 times a day) describing every last symptom you have and offer to go to labor and delivery. Eventually, even the doctor will get tired enough of you to induce you (my OB allways gets tired of me, I think). This is a no fail method, LOL. (depending on the doctor and the patience. Again, this won't work for a home birth).

Lisa Houlihan said...

Another effective method..get everyone to pray for labor. This can work too.

Also, try not taking much for naps. Women most often go in to labor in the middle of the night. I think it might be because they are more tired and aggitated at night. Just do everything you are not supposed to do when on bedrest. This means, don't drink tons, don't get enough sleep, get out there and power-shop....power-walk...etc.

Rollin said...

Well, as everyone knows by now, we don't need induction help anymore. God was pleased to bring Peter into this world in his own timing and in his own way, and he is doing wonderfully!