Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More Photos of our daughter

Today we received the package in the mail with medical information and other details that were read to us over the phone yesterday. Along with that package, we got two new photos, shown below.

Still in a state of amazement!


Anita said...

We are SOOOO excited for you!! God is very good! We'll keep praying that all those last details will work out very smoothly for you!

Nick and Anita

RRaley said...

She is so beautiful to look at. Knowing how you and Amy work to nurture inner beauty of character, I can already see the future for this precious little one.
Love, Mom

Colored With Memories said...

those cheeks! very kissable!

praying for you guys as you prepare to go get her!

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful. We'll be praying that everythings goes smoothly!

Sharon M.

Tanya Pitre said...

She's darling. Know that we are praying for her, all the details and also praising God that He has hand-picked this daughter for you. Love y'all! tanya and Brannin