Thursday, March 5, 2009

Providence in travel companions

In my previous post, I talked about some of the milestones that have to be reached before we can actually plan our travel to China.

At some point in there, we'll have a conference call with our agency's other adopting families who are traveling to adopt from the same orphanage, as we will all travel together in a group. We think there will be six families, though our group could be combined for some part of the trip with another group if the itineraries overlap.

In what is a HUGE answer to prayer, we have already made contact with one of the families that will be traveling with us, and they will be bringing their 6-year-old daughter with them on the trip, just as we will be bringing Sydney with us! It is such a huge blessing to know there will be another child on the trip with whom Sydney can play and spend time, and to have a little girl so close in age is nothing short of an amazing providence!

We are praying, and would appreciate your prayers too, that the trip would be a fun and smooth one for Sydney, and that she and the other little girl would be able to make the trip more enjoyable for each other despite the jet-lag, long hours of travel, and long hours of not doing much other than sitting in a hotel.


Colored With Memories said...

yay for a companion for sydney! we'll add sydney to lily's evening prayer list...