Saturday, February 26, 2005

Greetings from Tokyo!

Well, we made it to Tokyo! One leg down, and just one more to go before we sleep and spend a day in Hong Kong meeting the other 9 families adopting from the same orphanage at the same time.

Below are a couple quick shots to prove that we are bearing up well here at the Admiral's Club (thanks, Dad!) at Tokyo's Narita airport.

We're getting closer, Sydney!



Bill Peck said...

Ah, yes, I recognize the look ("I have how many more hours of fun in an coach seat ahead of me?@##@?$"). As I type this, you are probably just arriving in Hong Kong. I look forward to a picture that captures THAT look ;-|

Seriously, I know the joy of this trip is keeping you all goin' strong. God's speed!

Mitchell and Ruth said...


Congratulations! Don't forget to have some gyoza while you're there, however, I would stay away from the FUGU.

Hey, you should have flown Northwest!! I might have been able to get you first! Oh well!(:

Give us a call when you get back.

Mitchell and Ruth

Ginger said...

We're with you all the way on this special adventure.

Ginger and Ken

Rosemary said...

Looking good! Would never suspect you just spent 14 hours on a plane. We love your bright smiles. We are anticipating with you these next hours...and loving you, Mom and Billy

Tiana Larson said...

SOOOO glad to hear from you already. Ever since you left, I just anticipate your next entry everytime I look at the computer. I'm praying for you ALL often......MUCH LOVE Tiana

Ruth and Mitchell said...

Prayed for you this morning! Thinking about you and knowing you're about to be blessed beyond measure! Love, Ruth and Mitchell

Beth said...

I love you very much. Love, Beth and Josh.

Avery and Jordan said...

We love you. We can't wait to meet our new cousin, Sydney. Hope you have a good trip!

Liz said...

I'm so excited for ya'll. I've been praying for you and Sydney. I also want you to know that this web site is such a neat way to keep up with your life changing adventure. Thanks so much for taking the time to keep us in on things. Love, Liz
P.S. We just got back from Raymondville. Tonny got a satellite connection for the internet and is on line now for the first time in almost 2 years. Can you imagine opening your mailbox after all that time. Amazingly she only had about 750 emails. I'm going to forward this website to her.

Melissa said...

We prayed for you all in church this morning. You are loved, and so is little Sydney!

Carla Raley said...

What wonderful days you have ahead of you! This will be one of the most joyous times for you both, and we are all so anxious to meet our new baby niece. Im sure you both will be fabulous parents.
You are in my prayers!