Thursday, February 17, 2005

Last minute lunge…

Having frantically worked with our agency and the airlines for the last few days to get reasonable flights to China, here is what we're doing, for those that care. The in-China itinerary has not been sent to us yet, but here is our international travel:

We'll leave Dallas the morning of Saturday, February 26th, and get to Hong Kong the evening (in Hong Kong) of the 27th. We'll meet our group the next morning, on the 28th, and travel to Nanchang on March 1st. We have our appointment at the Consulate in Guangzhou on March 10th, and we'll fly out of Hong Kong the morning of March 12th, arriving back in Dallas the afternoon of Saturday, March 12th.

We don't have a firm date for "Gotcha Day" as it is called (the day we see Sydney in person and she joins our group permanently), but I hope to know that by the end of the day.

The dates above obviously got pushed a little once our agency actually started making arrangements. We had hoped to leave two days earlier and return a day earlier. It has felt a little like chasing something that is just out of reach like in a bad dream, but the dates can't slip any more as the tickets are bought and the bags are on the way to being packed!