Thursday, June 19, 2003

Rice on a Roll

As mentioned in Greg's Place: Let's go Rice, "The Boys from The Institue" (as they used to say) continue to sweep through the College World Series. Just wanted to take a moment to recognize this wonderful event, and note that we beat UT for a second time, and are on to the finals!


Jay said...

One correction, Rollin. Rice has always coed (I believe the initial class in 1911 or 1912 had around 16 people, 5 of whom were women). However, the living accomodations on campus were not coed until much later. I believe only men could live on campus, thus perhaps the "Boys from the Institute" had more of a social flavor tied to one's place of residence.

Rollin said...

Ah, hmmm, don't know what I was smoking that day. I have edited the entry to erase any traces of my prior delusion. According to Rice's website, the first classes were held with 48 males and 29 females, with 10 faculty.