Wednesday, June 18, 2003

A word from Amy?

This Saturday, Amy and I spoke with someone in our church who had happened upon this site. They were telling us how much they enjoyed reading some of the entries, but questioned why I do all the talking/blogging, instead of sharing the podium with my wife. Of course, the answer is that if I let Amy write anything, my entries will pale in comparison, but I couldn't say that...

No really, I thought it was an excellent question. I gave Amy a meaningful look and said something along the lines of "Hey, that's a GREAT idea!" For the record, Amy has the ability to post to this site, though I'm sure a refresher course is in order. I will sit down and give her said refresher, but I thought Amy would appreciate some feedback from any visitors to this site that would like to hear from her, as encouragement to take the plunge and do the "Breden-blog" (It's all the rage!)

If you are among the many who would like to see Amy get involved in this site, please leave a comment below with some encouraging words, and I'll make sure she has every opportunity to make her opinions known here!


Tricia said...

Go AMY Go! Help bolster the ranks of women who blog! I would love to hear from your corner now and again!! And congrats on a great showing in the 5K.

Mark Peck said...

While I'm certainly glad to get updates about my sister from my brother-in-law, whom I respect and trust to the utmost, it would certainly be more interesting and personal if Amy told us a bit about herself (and about Rollin!) from time to time.

C'mon, sis. Get your blog on.