Friday, June 20, 2003

Whole lotta bloggin’ going on!

This week I have been playing with several features of the software I use to maintain and publish this site. In so doing, I have been looking around to see how other people are using the software. Frankly, I'm amazed by the number of people out there and the many different types of sites they have created.

From the ramblings of people who are anything from potentially unstable to seemingly aimless, to those that have a specific worldview to present, just perusing this list of MovableType's donors presents a dizzying variety of the blogging that is going on in the world. (Please note: I neither recommend nor condone all the blogs on this list, as I have only visited a handful. User discretion is advised.) If it comes to mind, chances are someone has blogged about it, and may even have a blog devoted to it. Sometimes this is intriguing, other times wierd enough to keep me from actually linking to their sites.

This kind of exploration usually leads me to wonder where this site fits in. This, however, is a question I have asked (and answered) before, and I still feel comfortable with my niche in the world. Said niche is (merely) to provide a place for my friends and family to catch up with us and even talk back if they are so inclined. It may be a far cry from's mission to raise awareness of privacy issues facing the world today, or mysteriously named's collection of striking (and in no way gutter-worthy) photographs, but that's ok. I'll leave the really profound stuff to others, and stick to keeping my friends and family posted.

So if you came to this site from some misguieded attempt to find a "dumb and dumber costume", a "dog teeth picture", or even information on why your "monitor went dead" (all actual search strings used to locate this site), I'm sorry, but this is probably not the unusual or even hair-brained site you are looking for!

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!