Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Alright, alright already … back off, man, I’m a scientist.

So, I'm being railroaded into doing something on this blog that is, really, quite nice without me. Doesn't surprise me, actually - I spent years as a child being teased and poked into doing things by my brothers. Given that Rollin is just another pea in the pod like them, I'll submit as a godly wife and put something so funny you'll be dying for more ... and then I'll leave you hanging ... HA HA HA! I'll have you just where I want you - and I won't even have to type.

'Course, you know, with my medical expertise and fantastic tricks with the scalpel, now I'M the one who has some clout to tease and poke and railroad ...

Honestly - I love Rollin's entries - it brings out a whole new side of him I'm enjoying getting to know. I knew he was cool - now he's WAY, ultra, superfine cool.